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Please choose from three types of book launch events to organize:

Public Book Signing (1 hour)

A brief event featuring a short presentation and Q&A with the author, plus time for signing books afterward. Ideal for libraries, mosques, schools, and small community events.

Public Barakah Effect Workshop (3 hours)

A half-day exploration of key concepts from the book, structured as two 90-minute sessions with book signing opportunities during breaks. Perfect for general public events. Topics covered include:

  • What is Barakah?
  • How do we experience Barakah?
  • Barakah Culture vs. Hustle Culture
  • Barakah Culture Framework

Private Barakah Effect Masterclass (1-2 days)

A one- or two-day workshop on mastering core ideas from The Barakah Effect book tailored for corporations or private groups. Book signing is also available between sessions and post-event. Topics that will be covered include:

Part 1: Understanding Barakah

  • What is Barakah
  • How We Lost Barakah
  • How to Experience Barakah
  • Barakah Culture vs. Hustle Culture
  • Barakah Culture Framework

Part 2: Living Barakah

  • The Power of Sincere Intentions
  • How To Be an Abd of Allah
  • Gardener Mindset vs. Carpenter Mindset
  • How To Be More Grateful and Present
  • How To Be Akhira-Oriented
  • Decision-Making With Barakah
  • The Barakah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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